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Summer Camp 2019

Another fantastic Summer camp this year. Many thanks to everyone who came along and camped and indeed the instructors Mr. Harper and Mr. Ayers-Townshend. We had a rainy Friday when trying to set up the tents but Saturday was the most glorious day. All the activities were well attended with good humour and lots of effort. Morning run, beep test, learn your pattern, Taekwondo class, master class and sparring. A campfire and a quiz to finish off a perfect day. Won on the tie break question by Language Timothy team (named due to the large number of people named Timothy in their team). So how many countries are there in the World? (according to Google). Sunday also started out well, weather wise with all the activities completed (morning run, summer camp Olympics and water fight - won by the adults for the 12th year in a row) just a light shower of rain to help us cool off whilst putting away the tents. Same time next year. Can't wait.

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