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Grace Tiny Tygers Taekwondo
Spaces available  - runs throughout the year.
£18 per month (£10/year annual membership)
25 minute class 
Tiny Tygers (3-4yrs)
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What happens in the class?

The Tiny Tygers class is a fun filled half an hour packed with warm up exercises, games, running, blocking, kicking and punching.  The 30 minute class packs in lots of different elements to keep the little ones moving.  They also have to remain quiet during the class unless we are playing loud games.  They have to queue, take their turn and be aware of others in the class.  All these exercises aid to giving them a head start when they begin school.

Benefits of the class

The Tiny Tygers programme is specifically designed for younger children.  The following are what we hope to improve with training.


• Confidence
• Discipline 
• Balance 
• Concentration
• Energy release
• Self esteem
• Manners and respect 

The Tiny Tygers are guaranteed a place on our Junior Tygers after school clubs

Class breakdown

The class starts with a fun warm up, followed by a game or exercise designed to get them moving.  The Tiny Tygers kick and punch the pads, learning basic taekwondo moves. The class finishes with another fun activity followed by light stretching and counting up to 5 in Korean. The Tiny Tygers get a stamp in their skill card booklet at the end of each session if they are well behaved.

Extra information

The training hall in Sittingbourne is fully matted with seating for parents and other family members.


To come along for a free trial, please give Gary a call.


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