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Tyger Combat

Tyger Taekwondo group photo

We had a competition for the Junior Tygers on the first weekend in April. There were 12 competitors in total from both the Sittingbourne and the Faversham clubs. We started off with the high kick competition where the Tygers have to kick a ball suspended on a piece of string in the air. The competition is a great spectacle as the children reach to kick the ball. Inevitably we are left with 2 competitors and this year, it was Caitlin and Joseph. As the ball was raised higher and higher Joseph finally managed to win the competition and take the High kick trophy.

The Tyger combat competitors were divided into 3 categories, Heavyweight, Middleweight and Lightweight. After several rounds of furious competition, we were left with 3 finals. Lightweight was 3 times defending champion Sophie Williams versus Ilse Boyle. Ilse managed to win in a skillful and highly energetic round from both competitors. Jenson Tindall versus Tudor Ciuca in the Middleweight final saw Jenson win again for his second title in two competitions. In the Heavyweight final it was a re-match of the high kick final with Joseph Beaney up against Caitlin Cox. This was the closest bout of th

High kick competition

e whole competition with Joseph Beaney winning by a single point in the final second of the contest.

Congratulations to all the competitors and well done to all the winners.

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