14 years ago...

14 years ago today, we started a Junior Tygers class at Newington Village hall. We had handed out flyers at the school gate the week before and were pretty nervous waiting to see if anyone turned up. We had about 12 kids in the class and it was 45 minutes of nervous teaching and kicking pads and seeing what worked with this age group. It must have gone ok because they all came back the following week and we were off.

We opened Iwade Junior Tygers just 3 weeks later and then Teynham just before Christmas. At the first Teynham class we must have had 25 kids. Wow, I was not prepared for that.

So after 14 years, we have had well over a thousand children and adults through our doors, we have won countless medals and trophies and even been awarded by the council for our services to sport in the community.

We have had superstars, we have had amazing volunteers, we have had complaints (not many) but mainly we have had words of encouragement and enthusiasm for what we have achieved and what we still do.