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Will and Grace Junior Tygers Taekwondo
Junior Tygers
£28 per month £35/year annual membership
Eurolink, Sittingbourne
Spaces available - Classes all year round.  Family discounts available
40 minute class 
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What happens in the class?

A programme designed specifically for young children.  The Taekwondo class keeps the children moving, the games are designed in such a way that they do very little waiting and at the end they should be tired from all of their efforts.  This will help their fitness, concentration skills and their general health. There is no sparring (fighting each other) in this class, except Tyger combat (safe combat method) this class is suitable for boys and girls.

Benefits of the class

We hope to improve the following with training:


• Confidence
• Discipline
• Co-ordination
• Balance
• Self control
• Concentration
• Energy release
• Self esteem
• Manners and respect 




We are very careful about instructing the children when they are and are not allowed to use their new found skills.  This class helps those new to clubs who have just started school and beyond.  

Class breakdown


The class contains mostly fun games related to martial arts with a section on kicking and punching the pads.  Lots of running and jumping and shouting and showing their skills .  Broken down into 8 different skills:

Focus, Teamwork, Control, Balance, Memory, Discipline, Fitness and Co-ordination.
Come along and join in the fun.

Extra information


Parents can stay and watch the class.


To come along for a free trial, please give Gary a call.

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