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Uniforms - T-shirts - Hoodies
How to order

The link above will take you to an order form, please complete the form and make payment using the details on the form. 

Uniforms (doboks)

Measure your height in cm and this should correspond to the size required e.g. if you are 148cm tall you need a size 150cm (size 2), if you are 152cm, you also need a 150cm as the next size (3) is 160cm which would be too big.  If you select the wrong size, don't worry, if you try it on and it does not fit, it can be exchanged as long as it is not damaged or dirty.


Once you have ordered your item(s), it will come through to us and we will make sure it is ready for you to collect at the next training session.  Normally we don't send confirmation but if you need confirmation, please just ask to see if we have received it. 


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