Summer Camp of Joy

Thanks to all those who came along to our Annual Summer Camp in Bredgar this year. Once again we were blessed with glorious weather throughout the whole weekend. This year was one of our busiest years with around 70 people attending. We had 3 instructors, Mr. Foster, Mr. Ayres-Townshend and Mr. Harper.

We had students from the 3 different clubs. The scout campsite in Bredgar is perfect for our needs with plenty of room to explore and hold sporing events like the beep test and the summer camp Olympics.

On the Friday, it is a laid back start to the camp allowing people to set their tents up, remove the cars to the car park and think about food before we start the camp fire around 7pm. There are no planned activities on this day, it is a time to set up and settle in.

Saturday however kicks off with a morning run, we did 5 laps of the whole campsite. The pace is very slow and you can run as far and as fast as you like. The kids traditionally set off at lightening speed for the first 60m then stop and wait only to come speeding past again a few minutes later. Each circuit goes past the tents so you can duck out at any time or even rejoin after a break. I normally keep going until all the laps have been completed. The whole run was just under 5km this year.

After the run, we have a game of dodgeball, not official dodgeball, just