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Gary Foster

5th Degree Black belt


Gary started his training in 1982, he has trained under many different Taekwondo instructors giving him a a well rounded perspective of Taekwondo teaching and classes.

Gary has competed in Taekwondo competitions since 1987 and has been teaching Taekwondo for the past 17 years.  He is the reigning British Senior sparring champion and has won several National titles during the last 20 years.

Gary is very experienced with teaching children and adults and brings a fun element to the classes as well as discipline.


Gary and Lita Foster set up the TSA Taekwondo in October 2004.  The first class was a Junior Tygers class in Newington near Sittingbourne.  Another class in Iwade followed 3 weeks later and then 2 new classes in Teynham in December 2004.  From this small start we have grown to about 250 members in Sittingbourne and Faversham.


We enter competitions on a regular basis and we regularly win several National medals each year.  We have British Champions in the club in various belt and weight categories.  The standard is very high but we still have lots of fun and it is not all serious training.  We actively encourage fun elements in training and believe that enjoyment and diversity bring the best results for progressing through the grades to black belt and beyond.  

Gary Foster Taekwondo instructor
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