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Beginner Taekwondo lady
Beginners Taekwondo
(8yrs +)
£30 per month and £35/year annual membership
Eurolink, Sittingbourne
55 minute class 
Spaces available - Classes all year round.  Family discounts available
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What to wear

The high grade students are in a separate class (Sittingbourne only), it gives us chance to go right back to basics of how to punch, kick, block and move properly.  You don’t need a uniform to start, come along in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

Extra information

Learn a useful skill, have some fun, get fitter and stronger, build up your confidence and train up to black belt in Taekwondo.  Families are welcome to train together in this class.  Start off in the beginners class where you can learn at your own pace then move up to the higher grade classes as your Taekwondo skills improve.  A fun and easy way to start your martial arts experience.


Parents may stay and watch the classes.

To come along for a free trial, please give Gary a call.


What happens in this class?

This is a fun class aimed specifically at beginners, we repeat technical skills each lesson building a solid platform of basic techniques.  The classes contain  all the elements such as fitness, pad work, sparring, stretching, kicking, punching, blocking and patterns.

Benefits of this class

Learn a new useful skill and get fit at the same time.  Meet several like minded people in a fun, challenging environment.  Work your way right though the grades right up to black belt.

We hope to improve:

• Discipline 
• Co-ordination 
• Self Defence
• Concentration
• Energy release
• Self esteem


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