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Tyger combat competition.  Featuring high kick and Tyger combat.  All entries must be returned by the 9th May 2020. 

Taekwondo grading. Coloured belt grading for all eligible students.  Please return your grading forms by the 16th May 2020.  Cost: £25 Venue: Sittingbourne dojang.

Camber Sands Beach training.  90 minutes of running and fitness training on the beach.  Everyone welcome to come along.  £10 per person. 

TSA local competition.   Competition featuring patterns and point stop sparring. Please return your entries by 30th May 2020. 

Black belt pregrading.  A run through the grading in full.  This is only for those taking the black belt grading in July.  £free session.

Black belt grading. Grading for all eligible students. Please bring your sparring equipment. Entry forms must be handed in by 31st May 2020.

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