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Welcome back - let's get kicking

Welcome back to all those students who have had a summer break from training. We are back to training with a bang, we have a couple of competitions to sign up for straight away. We have the LTSI English Taekwondo championships in Hatfield with patterns and sparring. We also have the Tyger combat competition with Tyger combat, high kick and massive trophies (about this big!). Feel free to sign up and show us what you can do.

Congratulations to Aella Bateman who has already got a gold medal since returning from the summer break. She acheived a gold in the coloured belt WTF National championships in Manchester at the weekend. So a big well done to Aella for all the hard work she has put into training.

We also have a trip to Camber Sands on the 7th October where you can take part in a training session on the beach. There aren't many people normally on the beach in October and sometimes the weather can be a bit chilly but we always have a good time there. Feel free to come along and take part (it is quite hard) but just try it out and do what you can do. This session is not recommended for Tygers, just cadets age and above (8yrs plus).

The next gradings will be on the 11th and 12th November respectively. Tygers 11th, Taekwondo 12th. So download the grading syllabus now and get practicing.

On a personal note, I take my next grading this weekend (23rd September) in Swindon

, so wish me luck as I try to become a 5th dan black belt.

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