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Snow, gradings and new instructors

We finally managed to fit in the Tyger grading after it was postponed earlier on in the month due to snow. Would you believe it? The day we rescheduled the grading, snow was forecast again. Fortunately the snow was not so bad this time and the grading went ahead as planned. All the Tygers were in fine voice and put loads of effort into their gradings. All the green belts managed to get 4 directional punching correct first time. Lots of happy faces when the results were given out. Our Tyger gradings are very much a celebration and a confidence building exercise, it is amazing to see the pride in their faces wearing their new belt that they have earned through hard work and regular attendance. It is a joyful time and one I look forward to each grading.

We also held an instructors course for potential new instructors to go through all the procedures required of an instructor and have a practical assessment and a written test. All candidates did very well on the course and showed some excellent teaching skills.

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