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Open day success!

After lots of advertising through social media and handing out leaflets along with the help of all the students, we had our very first open day. The Open day was to show new prospective students the kind of activities they would be doing during a Taekwondo class. There were several helpers on the day ranging from new students right up to senior black belts. We had about 40 visitors to the Dojang on the day from 4 years old right up to adults wishing to see what it was about.

I would like to thank everyone who came along to the Open and everyone who helped out by introducing new students to the martial art of Taekwondo. We have already seen some of the open day visitors at the Dojang, taking part in their first lessons. Some of the visitors on Sunday stayed for a good couple of hours, finding lots to do from kicking the pads to playing racing games for the younger ones.

We hope to have another Open day in the summer where we can open the shutter doors and take advantage of the good weather.

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