Grading time

November is our busy grading month. We have gradings for Junior Tygers on Saturday 11th November and the Taekwondo students have a grading on Sunday 12th November 2017.

Junior Tygers

The highest grades are on first, make sure you have seen the syllabus on the website and have practiced all the moves. There are also words to learn, so practice answering those. Each Tyger gets a score out of 3 for each activity they perform so for Balance white belts have to kick a pad 3 times without putting their foot down. If the Tyger performs it perfectly with both legs, no wavering or having to do it twice then they will get 3 points, if however they are not fully in control of their balance and they put the foot down or have to hop around but still manage it fairly consistently then it will be two points, if they struggle to

complete the number or only get close it will be 1 point. There are also marks for appearance, behaviour in class, how keen they are to learn Taekwondo. All the points are added up and a score is given for each Tyger at the grading. The Tyger with the highest score in each class will be awarded an extra certificate for best in grading {awarded at the next training session along with all the other certificates). As the belts get higher, the pass mark increases and is harder to achieve especially if they are poorly behaved in class. Belts are awarded on the day of the gra