LTSI English Taekwondo Championships 2017

A great day out in Hatfield, Hertfordshire on 1st Oct 2017 as we took a team of 18 competitors along to the latest National Taekwondo competition. This competition is open to any Taekwondo player anywhere in the country so it qualifies as a National Competition. There were just short of 400 competitors in total. We had representatives in all the different categories, adults, cadets, juniors, coloured belts and black belts. We had 3 brand new competitors who had not done a competition before.

The Junior Patterns were the first to start and we had only one success with a bronze medal for Terri Goodman. Onto the sparring, The categories were quite big in some of the divisions so there was lots of waiting around. Our brand new competitors had a mixed result with Chloe Williams fighting a giant in the first round and putting up a brave attempt against someone that was a head taller. Unfortunately she lost in the first round. Our two other new competitors managed to get to the final against each other. Elliott Bellman managed to beat Will Harmsworth in the Yellow belt mens division. We also had 3 new black belts competing as black belts for the first time. Kado Bateman and Aella Bateman both got gold in their respective divisions and both of them have a 100% success rate for this season. 3 golds from 3 competitions so far. James Khan was also competing as a black belt for the first time and he won as well.

Terri Goodman who won the bronze in patterns went a couple better and won gold in the girls yellow belt sparring and Freddie Mills went to beat the giant that had previously beaten Chloe in the earlier rounds.

There was a silver for Hannah Davies, Will Harmsworth and Jemma Foreman in the sparring. Bronze medals for Katie Foreman, Rhys Davies and Grace Foster.

We ended up with 6 golds, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.