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Sunshine at the Summer Camp

We had glorious weather again at this years Summer Camp. We had a number of people experiencing the camp for the first time and indeed some people camping for the first time, in borrowed tents. The field was almost full by the time everyone arrived. Some people had help from partners and some people had small children telling them where they were going wrong. My favourite is the small child walking around with a hammer saying, "Can I hit the pegs in yet?" when the tent isn't even out the bag yet. We had a 50/50 split again between TSA campers and Farnham campers from Mr. Ayers Townshend's club. A special guest this year was Mr. Harper for the first time with his daughter Rebecca.

After the chaos or the calmness of tent positioning all that was left to do was relax whilst the kids explored, climbed trees, made new friends, played tennis, tried to eat everything. The camp fire was going by 8pm and several campers enjoyed marshmallows and tried not to think about the morning run the next day.

Saturday morning, activities included a Morning run, 4 laps of the entire campsite (1km each lap), a dodgeball competition - everyone involved, adults, kids, others, eventually won by Dodgeball grand champion of the World Gwen Bateman. Then it was the grueling beep test won by Kado Bateman and Ben Jackson with some great efforts all round. After lunch we switched to Taekwondo mode where all students got a chance go through their pattern in more detail. This included Mr. Ayers-Townshend learning his new pattern from Mr. Harper. Then Mr. Harper took a fun Taekwondo class with partners and focusing on movement for sparring. The traditional Taekwondo masterclass gave people the chance to show their amazing kicks on the pads before our last event sparring.

Saturday evening saw more marshmallows by the fire and a quiz between kids, teens and adults with 3 differing levels of difficulty. Ruald answered most questions for the kids under 10 years with Ruby helping out but the winners were the Teens in the end. Proving the do actually know everything.

Sunday morning and the GARY-OKE machine announces round two of the morning run, after the alcohol (adults only) and two nights of sleeping outside the morning run is less popular than the previous day. At 10am we have the Summer camp Olympics with running races, there were some surprises, some tantrums, some misunderstandings and lots of fun. Which set us up perfectly for our last and most eagerly awaited event. The kids v adults water fight. 30 minutes of pure joy, squirting anyone and everyone in a free for all war against our enemies for the day. The adults won as usual but the kids put up a valiant fight.

Many thanks for all who attended and conducted themselves brilliantly and I can confirm most people ticked off the number priority for the weekend. Have some fun.

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