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PUMA International Open Taekwondo competition

18th and 19th of February was competition time for TSA Taekwondo. We entered 6 Black belts (Saturday) and 11 coloured belts (Sunday). We won 3 golds, 6 silver and 6 bronze medals over the weekend. Here are the full results:

Joshua Duplock bronze Marcus Duplock silver Steve Duplock 4th Paula Duplock gold Rhys Davies gold Hannah Davies 4th Michelle Davies bronze Grace Foster bronze Will Foster silver Aella Bateman silver Kado Bateman gold James Khan silver Amalia Radu bronze patterns, sparring bronze. James Boyle 1st round Charlie Goodman silver patt bronze Charlie Connolly silver Elliott Tannerhill 2nd round patterns bronze

All the medals listed

are for sparring except where Patterns are stated. Our 3 gold medalists had some very tough fights before picking up the champion status. It was the first competition for Charlie Goodman who managed to get to the final and get a medal for patterns. In our sparring rankings competition Kado Bateman has managed to pull clear of his sister having won all 5 competitions of this season with one competition to go. His sparring has been exceptional all year and he is fully deserving of his No.1 club ranking, we just need to see if he can maintain his form in the last competition. Watch this space.

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