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Blue belts grading for Brown belt


Walking Stance double punch

Walking stance low block reverse punch

L-Stance knife hand strike

Walking stance low block, rising block

Memory: Pattern Chon-Ji

Pads: Turning kicks and punches 



Rising block : Chookyo Makgi (Chook-ee-oh makky)

L-stance: Niunja Sogi (Nee-unja soggy)

Axe kick: Naeryo Chagi (Nair-ee-oh chaggy)

Double punch: Doo Jirugi (Doo Jeer-oo-gi)

Side kick: Yop chagi (Yop chaggy)

Front forefist: Ap Joomuk (App Joo-muck)

Tenets of Taekwondo:

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable spirit

Meaning of Pattern Chon-ji

Chon-Ji means literally "Heaven and Earth".  It is the creation of the World and the beginning of Human history, it is therefore the first pattern learned in Taekwondo.

Additional requirements: 

Must be a member of the TSA complete with membership stamp
Must have a completed skill card for the required promotion 
Must have a TSA Junior Tygers uniform.