Yellow belts grading for Green belt


Focus: Knifehand on pad x 5 

Teamwork: This skill is measured throughout the training 

Control:  Axe kicks onto a pad x 4 

Balance: Use one leg execute front kicks without putting foot down x 9 

Memory: Know Korean for: Suit (dobok), Belt (tie), Attention (Charyot) 
and Bow (Kyong ye) 

Discipline: This skill is measured throughout the training 

Fitness: Lion Press Ups, Cat Sit Ups, Frog Jumps x 9 

Co-ordination: Jump over pad, turn around and kick pad twice 
(turning kick) x 5 

Additional requirements: 

Must be a member of the TSA complete with membership stamp
Must have a completed skill card for the required promotion 
Must have a TSA Junior Tygers uniform.

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keep kicking, keep smiling.