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Orange belts grading for Yellow belt


Focus: Double punches x 5 (10 punches in total) 

Teamwork: This skill is measured throughout the training 

Control: Front kick continuously FREEZE when commanded x 3 

Balance: Use one leg execute front kicks without putting foot down x 6 

Memory: Count 1-10 in Korean 

One - Hana, Two - Dul, Three - Set, Four - Net, Five - Dahsut

Six - Yahsut, Seven - Ilgop, Eight - Yahdul, Nine - Ahop, Ten - Yul

Discipline: This skill is measured throughout the training 

Fitness: Lion Press Ups, Cat Sit Ups, Frog Jumps x 6 

Co-ordination: Left/right kicks on a pad x 5 

Additional requirements: 

Must be a member of the TSA complete with membership stamp
Must have a completed skill card for the required promotion 
Must have a TSA Junior Tygers uniform.