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Rhys Cadets Taekwondo
60 minute class
Thursday 6pm
£30 per month
Cadets Taekwondo
Spaces available - Classes all year round.  Family discounts available


What happens in the class?

This class is designed to follow on from the Junior Tygers and for children that don’t train with their family.

This is a fun class aimed specifically at the 8 to 12 yr old age group, just enough fun to keep them interested but we also repeat technical skills each lesson building a solid platform of basic techniques.  We try to start and finish off each class with a fitness element to make sure they are kept fit and healthy.


Benefits of the class

Learn a useful skill, use your time constructively, make some new friends, play some fun games and train up to black belt in Taekwondo.  The teaching in this class is designed to appeal to this age group with lots of competitive elements.  The students learn the full Taekwondo syllabus and can progress though this class right up to black belt.

We hope to improve the following:


• Fitness
• Discipline 
• Co-ordination 
• Self Defence
• Concentration
• Energy release
• Self esteem
• Manners and respect 

Safety is our main priority

This class includes sparring where the cadets spar against one another  (using light contact) under full supervision where safety is our number one priority.  This teaches them how to fight, how to guard, how to move, attack and defend. Each student wears a full set of safety equipment including a gumshield. 


Extra information

Parents may stay and watch.

Tea, Coffee, Hot chocolate and cold drinks are available in the hall.

To come along for a free trial, please give Gary a call.

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