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03 April 2020:

We are now live with our online content, please click here if you wish to access it. 


We have been filming and editing and preparing as well as all the other preparations for the past few days.  There is not too much at the moment but we hope to update this regularly over the next few weeks to build a comprehensive library that you can access at any time.  If you have any feedback or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

There is no live content at the moment as we are so busy with everything else but it is something we are considering for the future.  

Just because something is aimed at children in a lower age bracket, it might be a bit of fun to have a look or have a go anyway. 


Gary and Lita 👊

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Genuine Facebook reviews, please visit our facebook page for the complete reviews

Highly recommend! My son just started but I can already honestly say that Gary has a big influence.

- Mrs Steers

I have 2 children who attend classes they both love it everyone is very friendly

- Mrs Warby

My son has been doing taekwondo for 7 years now and loves it.

- Mrs Brown

Fantastic club! My son is progressing very well here. He absolutely loves this club and all it's members. 

- Mrs Taylor

This is such a great club, my son loves it. Great for exercise, fun and discipline.

- Mrs Cooper

My daughter absolutely loves this club.

- Mrs Cox

Great instructor, great students, fun friendly atmosphere.

- Mr Duplock

Been doing TKD for ages now, and TSA's a great club to do it at. All the people are really friendly and it's great fun!

- Mr Saunders