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Tyger Grading

Orange belts show the white belts

Sunday 5th March saw all the Junior Tygers in their freshly pressed uniforms showing their skill and power in our latest grading. Students from the Sittingbourne and Faversham Taekwondo club came together at the Sittingbourne Dojang to prove they were worthy of the next belt in the progression. They had to kick, punch block and count in Korean in order to pass the mark. The Tygers is an introductory stage of martial arts and they follow a different syllabus to the older Taekwondo students. The criteria for success are mainly based on effort and enthusiasm but their behaviour in class is also taken into consideration when scoring their efforts. They all performed brilliantly on Sunday showing great kicks and athleticism. The highest grade for the Tyger syllabus is the brown belt. We have had fewer Tyger brown belts than black belts in the adult syllabus. We can add 3 new brown belts to the list as they managed to pass the ultimate Tyger belt. Congratulations to Blake, Keiron and SriHari.

Brown belt grading

Ilse kicks

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