(term time only)

This timetable is valid for Taekwondo and boxercise classes during term time only.  During half term and holidays, we revert to the holiday timetable.

Monday 4.00pm Tiny Tygers (3-4yrs)

Monday 4.30pm Junior Tygers (5-8yrs)

Monday 5.15pm Junior Tygers (5-8yrs)

Monday 6.00pm Beginners TKD (8yrs+)

Thursday 4.30pm Junior Tygers (5-8yrs)

Thursday 5.15pm Junior Tygers (5-8yrs)

Thursday 6.00pm Cadets TKD (8-12yrs)

Thursday 7.00pm All grades TKD (8yrs +)

Monday 7.00pm Senior Grades TKD

Tuesday 5.15pm Junior Tygers (5-8yrs)

Tuesday 6.00pm Beginners TKD (8yrs+)

Tuesday 7.00pm Green belt and above TKD

Wednesday 4.30pm Junior Tygers (5-8yrs)

Wednesday 5.15pm Junior Tygers (5-8yrs)

Wednesday 6.00pm Beginners TKD (8yrs +)

Wednesday 7.00pm Senior Grades TKD

Wednesday 8.00pm Boxercise

Saturday 9.00am Tiny Tygers (3-4yrs)

Saturday 9.30am Junior Tygers (5-8yrs)

Saturday 10.15am Family TKD (8yrs +)